2016-08-31 Marius LindvallForgot to send response to client master
2016-08-31 Marius LindvallMore abstraction, finalize server-side packet handling
2016-08-31 Marius LindvallPacket handler abstraction
2016-08-31 Marius LindvallRefactoring and simplifying code
2016-08-31 Marius LindvallRegistered rating response packet, refactoring
2016-08-31 Marius LindvallAdded NBT serialization for ratings
2016-08-30 Marius LindvallPartial implementation of client-server communication
2016-08-30 Marius LindvallSet up networking and logging channels
2016-08-30 Marius LindvallRestructure rating code
2016-08-30 Marius LindvallRestructure implementation
2016-08-30 Marius LindvallEverything broke spectacularly
2016-08-30 Marius LindvallAdd singleton instance
2016-08-30 Marius LindvallRefactor/rename main class
2016-08-30 Marius LindvallFinish the JSON parser
2016-08-30 Marius LindvallIncorporate blacklists as part of ratings
2016-08-30 Marius LindvallAdded blacklist support and improved internationalization
2016-08-29 Marius LindvallChange how ratings are handled internally
2016-08-29 Marius LindvallRefactor packages
2016-08-29 Marius LindvallInitial commit
2016-08-29 Marius Lindvall:lollipop: Added .gitattributes & .gitignore files