2016-09-14 Marius LindvallArrayUtils is a class, not a package master
2016-09-04 Marius LindvallUpdate README to reflect new class support
2016-09-04 Marius LindvallAdd support for field class overrides
2016-09-04 Marius LindvallMap and Collection support, error handling
2016-09-04 Marius LindvallSpacing in getIDForClass
2016-09-04 Marius LindvallAdd same behavior for ID lookups
2016-09-04 Marius LindvallHandle INBTSerializable before List
2016-09-03 Marius LindvallRevert "Revert "Make image link relative""
2016-09-03 Marius LindvallRevert "Make image link relative"
2016-09-03 Marius LindvallMake image link relative
2016-09-03 Marius LindvallAdded use case example
2016-09-03 Marius LindvallAdded missing dependency and improved terminology in...
2016-09-03 Marius LindvallNullary constructors no longer required
2016-09-03 Marius LindvallAdded commentary, allow classes without nullary constru...
2016-09-03 Marius LindvallAdd imports and structure, fix syntax
2016-09-02 Marius LindvallJavadocs added
2016-09-02 Marius LindvallFix README.md title, forgot to credit XKCD
2016-09-01 Marius LindvallSpacing consistency
2016-09-01 Marius LindvallInitial code push
2016-09-01 Marius LindvallAdded .gitattributes and .gitignore
2016-09-01 Marius LindvallCreate README.md
2016-09-01 Marius LindvallInitial commit